In order to access the Patient Finder you can find it under "Apps".

Once there you will see this pull up as the default screen and filters.

Lets go over some of the buttons on the Patient Finder!

These two buttons appear in the upper left corner of the screen. The "Add Filter" button is how you can get this list of patients down to something more relevant and helpful. You can add multiple filters for whatever you want. Right now the default is the two filters in the red box above. This is showing every patient that is listed as "Active" and that has been seen within the last 548 days (18 months). 

The "Saved (x)" button allows you to view the number of filters that you have saved, the "x" represents the number of filters you have saved. This is really helpful for filters that you will be running a lot and you do not want to have to create it every time you want to view it!

If you click on the "Add Filter" button you will see a lot of options! These are shown below:

So these filters can be a little overwhelming! But they are super powerful and helpful for your practice. Our support team will be available to help with this whenever you need!

Once you create your own filter the button will be created at the bottom of your list of filters.

By clicking this button you can save this filter and give it a name! You can now view this saved filter by clicking the "Saved (x)" button.

These two buttons appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The "Edit Table" drops down a menu of things you can select or deselect to view different areas of the table.

If you click the "Edit Table" button this is the menu that will be shown:

As you can see there is a lot of data in here! Sometimes you will not need to know all that we offer, so you can turn off certain fields that are shown simply by unchecking the box for that value. This will not change the number of patients in the list that you create but it will make the able easier to read by hiding values that you do not need to see.

Below is what you will see when you select the "Actions" button:

Here you can create a followup for every patient in this list or you can export the table to excel. Be very careful when you create followups, however. The software will ask you a couple questions to verify if you want to create a followup for the whole list of patients and also get the type of followup to be created. It will not prevent you from creating too many followups, so be wary of when you click that button that that list is truly one that you need followups for! The "Export Table" is very handy if you want to sort the list by something or if you want to print it out. 

This is what will show up when you click that "Export Table":

This is what you can select here, when you choose one of the options above you can click "Export these (x) patients". This table will then be converted into an excel file that you can download! This file will show up in the "Exports" section in the "Reports" tab in the main menu as shown below:

Once you click that you will see the main screen for the exports which is shown below:

Here you can download files that you created or remove them.

So that is the Patient Finder! It is such a great way to manage your practice and find the data you need! If you need further help feel free to give our support line a call at (801) 717-2777 option 2, and our specialists here would be more than happy to help!

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