After you have finished Step 1 & Step 2 you are now ready to setup Call Insight with your phone provider. Every phone system is a little different, so we have included the steps below so you can easily get this completed.

Once this step is done, or system will be notified every time a call comes into the practice and we will notify you of which patient is calling in. This will allow you to keep the front staff prepared and professional on every call. 

Configure Call Insight with Nextiva 

Note: Call Insight works through Nextiva Anywhere which is a feature that is only available on enterprise licenses. Please contact Nextiva if you need to upgrade your user licenses to enable Nextiva Anywhere. 

  1. Log into your NextOS Portal: 

From the main dashboard, hover over Users at the top of the dashboard and select Manage Users (Figure 1). 

Figure 1 


Hover over the User you want to configure Nextiva Anywhere for and select them by clicking the User’s name or the Pencil Icon to the right of their name (Figure 2). 

Figure 2








Scroll down to the Mobility section and select it to expand the selection. The first option here is Nextiva Anywhere. Click Nextiva Anywhere to expand (Figure 3). 

Figure 3 


Click the Plus (+) sign (above the Save button) to begin configuration (Figure 4). 


Figure 4


Fill in the Description (Call Insight) and add your Call Insight number to the Phone Number field (Figure 5). 

Once you click Save, your profile will update and Call Insight will be activated (Figure 5). 

Figure 5 


If the user you configured rings on all incoming phone calls then the configuration is done.  

  1. If incoming phone calls ring different groups of phones then you will need to enable Nextiva Anywere on one user per group. (Example. If you have an auto-attendant that rings two phones on option 1 and two different phones on option 2 then you will need to enable Nextiva Anywhere on at least one user in each group. 

Follow steps 2-7 to add Nextiva Anywhere to other users on the system as needed. 


Call Insight is now configured on your Nextiva System! 

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