Suggestions on How to Use Your Scheduling Links on Facebook

Using a Call to Action Button

You can utilize a call to action button to add your LocalMed widget Facebook URL. A call to action button will create the large blue button that appears just below your header photo.

  1. Select "Add a Button" or Edit your existing button

  2. Choose from these three options "Contact Us", "Learn More" or "Use App" *

  3. Paste your Facebook widget URL in the website field.

  4. Click Save

*Please note the button wording cannot be edited and Facebook has now restricted custom URLs from being added. We are working to address this with Facebook in order to get custom URLs added back to the "Book Now" call to action buttons.

Create a Post to Promote Online Scheduling and pin it so that it stays at the top of your feed.

A fun and exciting post can be a very good way to direct patients to your widget.

  1. Design your post be sure to add your Facebook widget URL to the post.

  2. Make your post on Facebook

  3. Go to your post and click the "..." icon in the top right corner of the post.

  4. Click "Pin to top of Page"

  5. This post announcing your online scheduling will now always show at the top of your feed.

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