1. How do I know if this feature is available for me to use?

The Mass Online Scheduling feature is available to all practices that have signed up to use both Online Scheduling and Dental Intelligence. If you haven't signed up for online scheduling but would like to, click here to learn how you can start using it today without any immediate cost to your practice.

2. What patient finder filters can I use mass online scheduling for?

Any! Mass Online Scheduling is supported across all Patient Finder lists, even custom made ones! Mass Online Scheduling is only designed to schedule hygiene appointments, so keep in mind that while you can use any filter on your Patient Finder list you will want to tailor towards unscheduled hygiene patients.

3. How do patients schedule an appointment with my practice?

Sending real-time scheduling links through text and email makes it easy for patients to view your providers, toggle between location, compare availabilities and book confirmed appointments, 24/7. In addition, patients can schedule through localmed.com, Facebook, Google, our insurance partners, or several dentist directories on our partner sites. The goal is to have our real-time scheduling capabilities everywhere patients search for providers.

4. I don’t want to lose control of my schedule. If patients are booking appointments themselves, can't they corrupt my schedule?

No, you have complete control over the appointments shown online, and how they're placed into your system. You can choose what appointment types, how many, what times, etc. Patients will only see what you allow.

5. For patients that schedule online, how will we know they booked an appointment?

When a patient schedules online, it is immediately placed in your practice management system just as if your front desk put it in. Within the appointment, it will say LocalMed so you know where it came from. Then, LocalMed sends an email to the front desk immediately letting you know an appointment has been placed. You can have this email sent to as many addresses as you like.

6. Can patients actively respond to the texts and emails we send out?

Bulk scheduling text messages and emails are sent as one-way messages - meaning if patients respond to a text or email, it will not be delivered back. to you. Keep in mind, it's very unlikely patients will respond because the action they will need to take in those emails and text will be very clear. All they need to do is to click the link and schedule an appointment.

7. What happens if a patient doesn't have a phone number or email on file and they're included in the list of patients that get sent a message?

If a patient doesn't have a phone number or email on file and they get included in the mass scheduling list, our system will not send them a message. To combat this, make sure patients have accurate and updated contact information for their account in your practice management software.

8. Where can I find my Online Scheduling history for messages sent and appointments booked?

You can easily access this information by going to the Online Scheduling icon on the left-hand navigation bar (see image below).

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