Each provider should have a production per visit goal. Production per Visit is the best way to determine the effectiveness of the provider in their efficiency and in getting treatment acceptance. 

Before you set this goal you will need to find historical information. 

Go to the Provider Pulse:

Go to the Production per Visit Metric

Get a Historical perspective. Change your time period to last quarter

Look at the Providers and write down what their Production per Visit was for Last Quarter

Based on historical performance we can set goals for each individual. As they consistently beat these goals we can increase them.
In this case it would be a good goal to set the Production per Visit for JF at $700/Visit and AF at $600/visit. 

If the providers are doing essentially the same job, seeing the same type of patients it may be a good idea to make their production per visit the same as both should producing at the same rate. In this case we would put them both at $700 production per visit. 

Once you have decided upon the production per visit goal for each provider you can enter them as described in the video.

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