As a front office team member, you play one of the most important roles in keeping up with the care that your patients need. This is HUGE for your practice! You help keep the providers busy, the collections current, and the patients coming back regularly. As a result, you have a direct impact on the amount of production that your practice sees -- and more importantly the care your patients receive.



One of the most basic principles in your dental practice is understanding where your production comes from. The production formula shows that there are only two ways to increase your practice's production -  increasing how many visits you have OR increasing the provider's production per visit. 

When you understand this, it's easy to see that as a member of the front office team, you can have a lot of control over how much your practice is producing! You can influence how many visits you have and what those visits include (affecting the production per visit)


Now, we know that working in the front office comes with a ton of work - a lot of calls, a lot of patient interaction, and a lot of just trying to keep everything organized. 

One of the best tools you can use on Dental Intelligence is our "Follow-Up System". Basically what this is your "one stop shop" for all the reminders and calls your trying to keep track of. It's a reminder system that you can customize specifically to what you want so you can call specific patients on the specific days that you want to.

For example, you can set these up so you get reminders to call patients that are due for hygiene, one week before they're due. You can set up other reminders that are helpful to you: past due accounts, unscheduled treatment, past due insurance claims, unscheduled broken appointment, etc.

Check out this video to get a quick run through of what follow-ups are, and how you can use them to save you a BUNCH of time and keep you organized! 


Another powerful tool that Dental Intelligence provides is The Morning Huddle. 

Now, your team may or may not have a morning huddle, but what we've found is that the most successful dental practices do have a morning huddle, EVERY DAY. And not only do they have a morning huddle, but they make them effective. 

We asked these the most successful practices what they do in their morning huddles to make sure they're effective. Then, we took their feedback and built a tool for your team to use as your going through your morning huddle. 

This includes a quick recap of what happened yesterday, what you have going on today, who is coming in tomorrow, and then finishing with a motivational video. 

Part of Dental Intelligence's morning huddle is reviewing how much value the front office team brought back into the practice - so use this time to celebrate the work that you're doing! You add tremendous value to your practice.  

This video explains how to access the morning huddle, the most important parts to review, and then how to use the morning huddle to improve your performance. 

So that's everything for now! By understanding production, and using Follow-Ups and the Morning Huddle, you can dramatically increase your personal performance as a front office team member. 

At Dental Intelligence, we want to help you save time, and make your life easier! If you need any help at all, you are more than welcome to get in contact with us through our chat tool.

We look forward to seeing you improve! 

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