We are often asked how to set daily, weekly and monthly production goals for a practice in Dental Intel. 

Dental Intel was built to be an actionable software meaning that everything should drive change, improvement and efficiency. Auto Production Goals enable you to establish practice goals based on the goals of your providers! If you think about it, the sum of the providers' goals should be the practice's goals anyway, right? 

To set production goals, you need to make sure your providers' Clinical Hours are as accurate as possible and then just set their Production per Hour (PPH) goal on the Portal Users page. 

For example: 

Dr. Jones has a PPH goal of $500 and works 9 hours today...

$500 X 9 = $4,500 in production for that day 

If Dr. Jones works 5 days this week, then...

$4,500 X 5 = $22,500 in production for that week

... and so on! So to determine your practice's production goal for a certain amount of time, Dental Intel takes the total amount of Clinical Hours for each provider, and multiplies that number by their PPH goal and then sums each provider's total up. 

We hope this is helpful :) 

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