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Analytics: What Should My Goals Be?
Analytics: What Should My Goals Be?
This article will discuss what data you should refer to when setting your goals
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Setting goals is invaluable when tracking performance and celebrating growth. You can reference 3 basic categories to help identify what your goals should be:

  1. Historical Performance

  2. Historical Peer Performance

  3. Industry Benchmarks

Historical Performance & Benchmarks:

For example, to set a Production per Visit goal, we would start by going to the Provider Pulse and setting the date range to Last Quarter (or any other large date range from the past). Here the Provider Pulse will show practice statistics in the top center column so you can view overall performance, then you can compare peer performance by viewing the other Dentists or Hygienists statistics.

This data will allow you to identify realistic goals rather than idealistic goals. Data driven goals are more likely to be met and will help to motivate you and your team!

You can now compare the data you've gathered to the benchmarks we have provided below!

Click the button below to view the most recent Dental Care Benchmarks

Now that you have a better understanding of what you would like your goals to be, you can begin the process of adding these goals. Access the following articles to learn how to set goals:

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