To help you figure out what your goal should be... 

We always teach people to reference 3 basic things when it comes to knowing what your goals should be:

  1. Historical Performance

  2. Historical Peer Performance

  3. Industry Benchmarks

For example, if I am trying to set my Production per Hour goal, I would start by going to the Provider Pulse and setting the date range to Last Quarter (or any other big date range from the past). Once I know how I have performed in the past, I have a general idea... but I still don't know if my past performance is good or not. 

That is where #2 comes in - I can compare to my peers in the practice, other Dentists or Hygienists, and see how they have done. 

If that doesn't give you a good enough idea of what your goal should be, contact us - we might have an Industry Benchmark to help you out! 

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