After you have finished Step 1 & Step 2 you are now ready to setup Call Insight with your phone provider. Every phone system is a little different, so we have included the steps below so you can easily get this completed.

Once this step is done, our system will be notified every time a call comes into the practice and we will notify you of which patient is calling in. This will allow you to keep the front staff prepared and professional on every call.

Call Insight setup with Weave 

1.Go to
2.Click on the Chat button in the bottom right: 


Tell the chat agent that you need to setup a simultaneous ring with a 3rd party number.  

Provide the agent with your Call Insight Number

Depending on the agent who is helping you, sometimes they will tell you that it isn’t possible. If this happens then: 

  1. Tell them that they know that this has been done with other practices using Weave. 

They might need to speak to someone else who has experience setting this up, feel free to contact our customer support at 801-717-277 and option 2 for support if you need assistance. 

Once they confirm this is done then your Call Insight will be setup. 

Your Call Insight is now configured to work with your Weave phone system. All you need now is for the Call Insight Application to be downloaded and running on whatever workstation you would like this feature to work on. Download this here.

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