After you have finished Step 1 & Step 2 you are now ready to setup Call Insight with your phone provider. Every phone system is a little different, so we have included the steps below so you can easily get this completed.

Once this step is done, or system will be notified every time a call comes into the practice and we will notify you of which patient is calling in. This will allow you to keep the front staff prepared and professional on every call. 

How to Setup Call Insight with Vonage Business: 

1.Sign in to the Admin Portal -
2.Click Phone System, then click Extensions.
3.Hover over the main Extension associated with your practice number and click the Pencil icon.
4.Click Never Miss A Call.
5.Mark the option for Simultaneous Ring and then set options: 

When My Phone Rings     

  • Select an extension or enter a phone number to ring. (Normal Ring Settings) 

  • Click Add Another Rule, to add your Call Insight number. 

  • Enter in your Call Insight number. 

Send to Voicemail After     

  • Select the number of rings before sending to Voicemail. 

Use Caller ID    

  • Select a Caller ID option: Originating Caller ID 

6.Click Save. 


Congratulations! Your Vonage Business phone system is now configured to work with Call Insight. Just download the Call Insight Application located here on the workstations you would like the feature on.

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