Call Insight - Jive Phone Set up
How to set up Call Insight with Jive
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Configure Call Insight with Jive by LogMeIn 

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Log into your Jive admin portal: OR Call 877-548-3003 to have a Jive team member assist you in accessing your Jive admin portal

  2. Identify what extension your practice’s main number is routing to 

  3. Configure external number on either the Dial Plan or Ring Group: 

    1. If Ring Group

    2. If Dial Plan

  • Add an External Number node before the node that will ring the phones

  • Enter the Call Insight Number 

  • Set Timeout to 1 second 

  • Make sure Confirm Call Pickup is UNCHECKED  

  • Make sure Pass Through Caller ID is CHECKED 

  • Click Save

Congratulations! You are now set up for Call Insight! Make sure you have the Call Insight Application downloaded on the proper workstations that you would like this feature to function on. You can find the download for this here


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