After you have finished Step 1 & Step 2 you are now ready to setup Call Insight with your phone provider. Every phone system is a little different, so we have included the steps below so you can easily get this completed.

Once this step is done, our system will be notified every time a call comes into the practice and we will notify you of which patient is calling in. This will allow you to keep the front staff prepared and professional on every call. 

How to Configure Call Insight to Work with 8x8:  

Setting One Number Access in Virtual Office Configuration Manager 

  1. Log in to VO Configuration Manager. 

  2. Click Users

  3. Click the Pencil Icon next to the user

  4. Scroll down to Call Forwarding Rules and click Add new rule (+) to setup the call forwarding rule for Call Insight

  5. Create a new forwarding rule

  6. Set the rule name to Call Insight or anything you want to use to describe the purpose of the rule (e.g., DI Call Integration, Front Office Magic)

  7. Under When to Apply this Rule, select: 


  8. Set the time you would like to apply this rule to: 


  9. Under Forward Calls to, choose:

    Selected Users or External Numbers 

  10. Enter the names or numbers of the users who will receive calls when a call comes into the practice

  11. Then add the Call Insight number to this forwarding rule.

  12. Click Add to the List

  13. Enter the number of seconds that the call should ring for before going to another forwarding option

  14. Select to ring these numbers Simultaneously

  15. Select one of the following forwarding options to take place after trying all the above numbers

    1. Forward to Voicemail

    2. Don't Forward and Play Busy

    3. Forward to a User or Service

  16. Click Save

  17. Save the user profile

Congratulations! Your 8x8 system is now configured to work with Call Insight! Now just make sure you have the Call Insight Application downloaded on the workstations you would like this feature on. You can do so here.


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