Dental Intelligence has built the suite of solutions that are necessary to grow any dental office:

1. The data (key performance indicators, metrics) that you need to know exactly how your office is performing in general now in comparison to the past as well as the rest of the industry. This includes the ability to monitor individual provider performance, category (restorative & hygiene, etc.) performance and the performance of the front office team. In minutes you can determine where you perform well, and what opportunities for growth you have. Driving with a blindfold on is never a good idea, neither is driving your practice blind! Our data removes the blindfold and informs you of where you need to focus your attention.

2. The software tools that automate or ease the burden of certain tasks or responsibilities. This includes scheduling patients (new & returning), confirming appointments, knowing who is calling your office when you answer the phone, better managing your time by keeping you and your reactivation efforts organized and prioritized, automating your daily team huddle to save you time in preparation, identifying the right patients to fill your schedule with, helping you collect your patients' balances through automated workflows and texts, collecting necessary new patient information with forms, and ongoing communication with patients pre- and post- visit via text. PLUS MORE.

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