The Ticker Board at the top of the Performance and Collections dashboards is a great way to quickly see key performance indicators and their associated trends!

The Ticker Board will scroll up to 13 metrics along the top of the dashboards, to stop the ticker from moving simply hover your mouse over one of the metrics:

To speed up the Ticker Board in either direction hover your mouse over the arrows on the far left and right side of the Ticker:

All metrics on the Ticker Board also have trends that can be viewed by hovering over the icon in the top right of the metric and selecting either "Trend" or "Year Over Year":

How to Customize the Ticker Board

You can customize which of the 13 ticker metrics appear by following these steps:

1. Open up the settings page by hovering over your icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and selecting "Settings":

2. Selecting the "Dashboards" section of the Settings menu and then selecting "Ticker Options":

3. Now you can see all available metrics for the Performance Board. To determine what metrics appear on your dashboard you can toggle the switch icon next to any of the metrics, a green switch means that metric will appear on your Ticker Board:

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