Analytics Payments is an AR management tool that helps you streamline the process of identifying patients who owe your practice money, communicating with those patients about their balances, and ultimately helping you get paid.

In order for you to get start with Analytics Payments, you must enroll and certain information is required to do this successfully. Please see below so you can be prepared!

Information about the business:

  • Business type (sole proprietor, LLC, etc.)

  • Tax ID number

  • Business address

  • Business phone number and email

  • Login information for the practice’s bank account or routing and account numbers

Information about the owner(s):

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Social security number

  • Home address

  • Phone number and email

This information is required because of the USA Patriot Act and the associated Know Your Business (KYB) and Know Your Customer (KYC) laws.

Refer to this article to learn more about the set up process for di. Payments:

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