Engagement: Managing Family Settings

This article will discuss Engagement logic for messaging Guardians depending on the Family Settings

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Engagement makes it easy to manage and communicate with patients as individuals and families. Engagement's guardian logic will message whoever is listed as the Guardian in Family Settings of the Patient Card. This is usually whoever is listed as the Guarantor in the Practice Management Software (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental).

Watch the short video below to learn how to manage and update Family Settings:

Update Family Members in the Patient Card

You can update associated family member in the Engagement patient card by following the steps below.

  1. Click on the Patients tab in the left side menu of Engagement

  2. Click on the patient's name to open their patient card

  3. Click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner of the patient card

  4. Click on the Family settings section

  5. Add or remove the current dependents from the Guardian. If a patient is removed as a dependent from the Guarantor's patient card, communication will be sent directly to each independent patient

Family Appointment Reminders

Patients who are listed as a Guarantor with dependent family member(s) will receive combined appointment reminder communications as long as each family member's appointment starts within 1 hour of each other.

For example, patient Jenny Foster is listed as a Guardian with her two kids Sutton and Sage labeled as her dependents. Jenny is labeled as their Guarantor.

Jenny and her kids are scheduled for three appointments today. Because Jenny is the Guarantor, she is the only patient in this family who will receive this consolidated appointment reminder message:

"Sage (3:10 PM), Sutton (3:20 PM), Jenny (3:30 PM), just a reminder that you have an appointment with Perfect Dental today at 3:10 PM."

You can review the combined appointment reminder message in the Communication log of the patient card.

If you would like to set up patients to receive independent appointment reminders (not combined), please contact Support (support@dentalintel.com).

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