When patients slip through the cracks & remain unscheduled, not only does your schedule suffer, but patients do not receive the care they need to maintain a healthy mouth! Following the steps below will help you use your bundled Dental Intelligence services to increase visibility to your unscheduled patients and simplify the scheduling process for your practice.

Helpful Hint:

You can easily switch between your Dental Intelligence services (Analytics, Engagement [Modento] and LocalMed) by selecting our Product Switcher icon in the top right hand corner of each dashboard. Click here to learn more about this!

Rescheduling Patients That Are Out of Office

Step 1: Turn on Automated Recall Reminders in Engagement [Modento]

Engagement's automated recall reminders are a proactive way to identify and automatically reach out to patients who need to get scheduled for their Hygiene Appointment. This will reach out to patients that are past due or are coming up on their due date to help save time and energy.

  • Your Engagement Automated Recall Messages should have been enabled in your Onboarding Process. If these are not yet turned on, do so now by following the steps below

  • Be sure to include LocalMed online scheduling link in messages to allow patients to schedule on their own

  • Set message frequency to:

    • Send first message 4 weeks before due

    • Send an additional message every 6 weeks

    • Send a maximum of 4 messages

    • Ignore patient who are over 6 months past due

  • Click here to learn how to enable the Engagement Automated Recall Messages

Step 2: Activate Your Hygiene Safety Net Using Analytics

Turning on Hygiene Recare Auto Follow Ups will automatically notify you of patients who are almost due for their hygiene appointment, this will lessen your work-load by identifying the patients for you!

  • Turn on Hygiene Recare Auto Follow Ups

  • Set the criteria to find patients 1 day before their hygiene due date

  • Assign follow ups to team member(s) who will be responsible for reaching out to a patient if they didn’t schedule via the Modento automated outreach

  • Click here to learn how to enable Hygiene Recare Auto Follow Ups

Step 3: Complete Assigned Hygiene Recare Follow Ups Daily in Analytics

Now that follow ups are being created and assigned, they must be attempted and completed! Access the list of assigned follow ups and take the typical steps you would to reach out and schedule a patient, then mark the attempts on the follow up in Analytics. This allows you to have a complete understanding of when you last contacted the patient and what you discussed.

  • Team member(s) who have follow ups assigned to them should make time to reach out to patients and attempt the follow ups that were generated from Step 3

  • This is a task that should be completed daily to avoid pile ups

  • Click here to learn how to attempt follow ups

Rescheduling/Retaining Patients in the Office Today

Step 1: Review the Morning Huddle to Access Hygiene Reappointment Data DAILY

Catching unscheduled hygiene patients sooner rather than later increases your chances of getting them scheduled for a future appointment. The Analytics Morning Huddle will provide you with a list of patients that did not get scheduled for their appointment.

  • View the number of patients who were not rescheduled for a future hygiene appointment yesterday, this includes those who broke an appointment. Click here to learn where to view this data

  • Set your providers' Hygiene Reappointment % goal to 90% & review daily. View this article to learn how to set this goal

  • Assign who is responsible for scheduling patients before they leave (hygienists, front desk …)

Step 2: Review Today’s Patients Scheduling Needs

Analytics' Morning Huddle Today schedule view will tell you exactly which patients are unscheduled for their Hygiene appointment. This saves you from having to search in each patient's chart, by showing you all in one place.

  • View patients coming in today who are not scheduled for a future hygiene appointment

  • Ensure your team knows who is responsible for getting these patients scheduled

  • Click here to learn more about the Morning Huddle - Today view

Step 3: Close the Back Door – Schedule Patients for Their Next Hygiene Visit

  • Have the Morning Huddle - Today’s view brought up in each operatory

  • Make sure your team is clear on your reappointment process

    • Attempt to schedule while in chair

    • Relay info to the front desk team, letting them know they need to schedule next hygiene visit if not successful in chair

    • Have front desk send a scheduling link to patient if they are unwilling to schedule today

How Do I Know if My Practice is Improving?

Refer to the following articles to learn more about the important metrics you can use to track your progress in rescheduling & retaining your patients:

Practice's Hygiene Re-Appiontment - provides visibility on the practice's overall progress re-appointing hygiene patients before they leave the office.

Provider's Hygiene Re-Appointment - provides visibility on individual provider's progress re-appointing hygiene patients before they leave the office.

Pre-Appointment % - provides visibility on how many of your total existing patients are not scheduled for a future appointment.

Patient Growth - provides visibility on how many patients you're losing due to inactivity or status change

Returning Patients Scheduled Through Online Scheduling - provides visibility on how many existing patients you have been able to schedule through LocalMed Online Scheduling

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