Our Dental Intelligence service bundles have several features available to help you reach your treatment acceptance goals. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to best utilize these features to increase treatment acceptance.

Helpful Hint:

You can easily switch between your Dental Intelligence services (Analytics, Engagement [Modento] and LocalMed) by selecting our Product Switcher icon in the top right hand corner of each dashboard. Click here to learn more about this!

Important Steps for Set up

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to get your office set up for success.

Step 1: Set Goals for all Providers in Analytics

  • Setting goals ensures you have visibility on how you are performing in relation to how you want to be performing.

  • Goal setting keeps team members on the same page and accountable for what you are trying to accomplish in your practice.

  • Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to set the goals for your providers!

Step 2: Customize the Morning Huddle to help with Treatment Acceptance

  • Too many metrics can be overwhelming. Keep it simple to get the best results.

  • What metrics should you measure to increase treatment acceptance?

    • Yesterday’s treatement acceptance %

    • Prior treatment accepted

    • Dentist production per visit

    • Hygienist production per visit

  • Click here to see how you can customize your Morning Huddle!

Step 3: Download the Dental Intelligence Analytics Mobile App

Our Dental Intelligence Mobile app helps you access your schedule, view your performance and set your game plan wherever you are.

  • Go the the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Dental Intelligence Mobile App.

  • Let all providers know they can use this to view their schedule and evaluate their own performance.

  • Click here to learn more!

Step 4: Set a Patient Finder Filter

  • Decide what type of procedures you want to focus on getting accepted (most opt for crown, bridges, implants).

  • Create a Patient Finder filter to find patients who have this type of unscheduled treatment.

  • If you take insurance, you may also want to filter by those that have insurance remaining.

  • You may also want to exclude any patients who have large outstanding balances.

  • Click here to see how you can create your own custom Patient Finder list!

Step 5: In Online Scheduling in Engagement, add Specific Appointment Types for Key Treatment Procedures

  • Setting up specific appointment types you want get scheduled in Engagement online scheduling allows you to send those link to patients who have that kind of treatment.

  • Click here to see how to set these up for your practice!

Step 6: Make sure your Patient Finder filters are synced with your Engagement software

Syncing your patient finder filters with Engagement allows you to filter your patients and target a specific group that needs care.

  • You can use Engagement's two-way communication functionality to message your patients in bulk.

  • Click here to see how.

Step 7: Set up your Wisetack Integration in Engagement

Wisetack allows patients to pay for treatment over time. You get paid faster & your patient does not have to feel the stress of an expensive procedure.

  • To get registered with Wisetack simply select Settings; and then Partners.

  • Provide necessary info on the application.

  • Get approval and start giving your patients more ways to pay.

  • Click here to learn more about Wisetack!

  • Click here to see how to register for Wisetack!

  • Click here to learn how to use the Wisetack integration with Modento!

Increase Treatment Acceptance for Patients In Office

Step 1: Use the Morning Huddle to Review Yesterday’s Performance

Without monitoring how you are performing it is hard to make steady improvements. The Morning Huddle allows you to quickly and easily see how your team performed yesterday with getting treatment accepted.

  • Celebrate wins & quickly discuss an opportunity for improvement

  • It is important that you keep it positive when discussing past performance.

  • We recommend you start by finding what went well yesterday and promoting as many good things as possible.

  • If there were multiple areas you fell short yesterday, pick one to focus on and make better today. There is no use in overwhelming your team with everything they need to fix.

  • Click here to learn more!

Step 2: Review patients coming in today with Unscheduled Treatment

The Morning Huddle makes it easy for you to see who has outstanding treatment that needs to be scheduled. Surfacing this treatment allows you and your team to plan what you will do with specific patients to make sure their next phase of treatment can get completed ASAP.

  • Discuss patient needs and game-plan for what treatment is a priority for each patient.

  • Click here to learn more!

Step 3: Use Virtual Treatment Plans when Presenting Treatment

  • Prepare Tx plans in Engagement

  • Use terms the patient can understand

  • Take time to educate with a visual of the treatment in front of them

  • Give them a visual of what treatment they need & transparency on what it will cost

  • Click here to see how to create your treatment plans in Engagement

Step 4: Present Wisetack and other Financing Options to Make it Easy for Patients to Pay over Time

Using Engagement's Wisetack integration makes it easy to present your patients with payment options

  • When activated Wisetack will show up as a payment option for all treatment from $500 - $15k. Click here to register

  • Allows patients to pay over time

  • Gets you paid faster - funds are deposited into your bank account within 1-2 business days

  • Click here to see how the Wisetack integration works with Engagement

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