Last minute cancellations and no shows disrupt your schedule and effect the bottom line. 76% of all cancellations come from unconfirmed appointments. Your Dental Intelligence software bundle gives you the tools to reduce those last minute cancellations and no shows!

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You can easily switch between your Dental Intelligence services (Analytics, Engagement [Modento] and LocalMed) by selecting our Product Switcher icon in the top right hand corner of each dashboard. Click here to learn more about this!

How to Reduce Cancellations and No Shows

Step 1: Turn on your Engagement automated appointment confirmations/reminders (if you don't have Engagement as part of your product bundle skip to Step 1a)

  • Toggle on your Engagement's automated appointment communications.

  • Use prebuilt setting designed by our experts unless you have other preferences

  • This will send an automated message for patient to confirm appointments.

  • Turn on appointment reminders – this will send a patient a message reminding them about their upcoming appointment after they have confirmed

  • This process has been proven to reduce no-shows

  • Click here to learn how to set up your automated appointment confirmations and reminders!

Step 1a: If Engagement isn't part of your bundle, you can utilize your Analytics Follow up tool to run your Appointment Confirmation Follow Ups list

  • Turn on your Appointment Confirmation Follow Ups

  • Select when you want to be reminded to confirm patients appointments (24, 48 or 72 hours prior). Click here to learn how to turn on your Appointment Confirmation Follow Ups.

  • Mark your Follow Up attempts in their patient card to keep track of your calls. To see how this works, click here.

Step 2: Turn on Unscheduled Broken Appointment Follow Ups to make sure your unscheduled patients don't slip through the cracks

  • If a patient breaks an appointment without rescheduling, your Unscheduled Broken Appointment Follow ups will remind you about them.

  • Set your Follow Up time frame to remind you 1 day after the broken appointment if they have not rescheduled

  • Assign to this Follow Up to specific team members to take action on

  • Click here to learn how

Step 3: Complete Follow Ups DAILY to make sure that you are finding those patients that haven't yet scheduled their appointment

  • Hold team members accountable to completing their Follow Up list daily, click here to learn how these work

  • Check Follow Up list at the end of each day to see if they are clear

  • Check Follow Up performance weekly to see what results they were able to generate & celebrate wins, learn how here

  • Create a fun prize/reward/incentive for top performers

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