The Comm Log in Modento acts as a library of all automated communications that have been sent to patients. You can use this tool to see all completed messages sent automatically through Modento.

Comm Logs

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Comm Logs tab in Modento

  2. Select either the Automated Communications, Campaigns, Payments, or Treatment Plans tab

  3. Here you can add filters by selecting the drop down menus on the columns with downward facing arrows

  4. Search for patients in the Search Bar when looking at Automated Communications, Payments, or Treatment Plans

  5. You can clear any filters added by selecting the green X on the far right

Individual Patient Comm Logs

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click the three dot menu next to the patient's name

  2. Hover over the Info option

  3. Select Communication Log

  4. This will show you all communications sent through Modento

    Note: You can choose to include/exclude automated communication by selecting the Include Automatic check box

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