Getting paid for the care you provide to your patients is vital to the survival of your practice. Using the following tips, tricks and setup steps, you can get started with your Dental Intelligence Bundled Services to collect more!

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You can easily switch between your Dental Intelligence services (Analytics, Engagement [Modento] and LocalMed) by selecting our Product Switcher icon in the top right hand corner of each dashboard. Click here to learn more about this!

Important Steps for Setup

Follow these simple step by step instructions to get your office set up for success

Step 1: Enroll into & Setup Analytics Payments

di. payments will generate a smart list of patients with outstanding balances. This tool will then allow you to enroll patients with outstanding balances into a messaging campaign that will remind them about their balance and allow them to pay right from their phones! When a payment is made it will automatically write the payment back into your practice management software! It is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to simplify & make the collection process easier.

  • Complete the Analytics Payments setup wizard and verify that all information provided is accurate

  • Turn on Ledger write-back: this will ensure payments made get updated to your ledger automatically

  • Customize campaign:

    • Set the Patient Portion AR Aging to Current

    • Set the Estimated Patient Portion Balance to $15

    • Set the Number of Outstanding Insurance claims to 0

    • Be sure to enable All three messages and customize them as needed

    • Activate automatic follow up creation & assign to specific team member

  • Click here to learn more about the setup wizard for di. Payments!

  • Click here to learn how to customize your Analytics Payments campaign!

Step 2: Setup the Wisetack Integration through Engagement

Wisetack provides your patients with a pay-as-you-go option to make treatment more affordable. By turning this feature on, your patients will be given the ability to pay balances down over time instead of swallowing a big balance all at once. The best part is, you get paid when the patient opts into the treatment, getting you paid faster!

  • Click here to learn more about Wisetack and refer to this article to learn how to get setup!

Collect More from Patients Out of Office

Step 1: Access the Analytics Payments bulk payment request list and initiate payment campaigns every day

Sending bulk payment requests daily will ensure no patients slip through the cracks and balances are not forgotten.

  • Send messages to your patients in the di. Payments Bulk Payment Request list

  • Click here to learn how!

Step 2: Check for any payments that did not write back to your ledger

Like any technology, sometimes there are disconnects. The Update to Ledger feature surfaces any payments that did not write back to your ledger automatically.

  • If you have ledger write-back turned on this list will be minimal

  • Click here to learn more about the Update to Ledger list

Step 3: Check for any messages that were undeliverable

The Undeliverable Messages list acts as a safety net to identify any payment requests that were unable to send to patients. Checking this list and updating patient contact information daily ensures all efforts are made to collect from the patient.

  • Update contact info for any failed messages

  • Click here to learn how to correct Undeliverable Messages

Step 4: Complete Past Due Account Follow Ups daily in Analytics

With the di. Payments Campaign that was enabled in Step 1. Dental Intel will start identifying patients that have not completed their payments through the Payments request and create Past Due Account Follow Ups for them. This will help to separate patients who have received all automated reminders so you can contact them through different methods.

  • Filter your Open Follow-Up list by Past Due Account follow ups; Click here to learn more!

  • Contact the patients on list in the necessary methods and log your Follow Up attempts. Click here to learn how!

  • Check Follow-Up Results to see your performance, click here to learn how

Collect More from Patients in the Office

Step 1: Review who has balances coming in today via Morning Huddle

The Morning Huddle Today & Tomorrow tabs will tell you the account balances for each individual patient on the schedule. Knowing which patients you need to collect from enables you to have face-to-face conversations about their balances.

  • Assign a team member(s) to look at the A/R balances on the Today and Tomorrow tab, daily

  • Decide when/where this patient will be made aware of their balance

  • Click here to learn more about viewing collection opportunities in the Morning Huddle schedule

Step 2: Use Engagement's virtual treatment plans to give patients clarity on what they are paying for

Use the Engagement Treatment Plans to send virtual treatment plans directly to your patient's phone. This will allow you to explain the treatment they are diagnosed with and provide more clarity through the patient's experience

  • Add treatment to patients Tx plan in your Practice Management Software

  • Prepare an Engagement treatment plan by selecting the needed treatment and adding payment options

  • Click here to learn how to do this

Step 3: Use Wisetack inside of Engagement to allow patients to setup a payment plan

Register for the Engagement & Wisetack Integration to provide more payment options to your patients. After registering for Wisetack, when presenting treatment via the virtual Tx plan your patients will see the Wisetack option in the Payment Options section

  • Explain this option as a way to pay a balance down over time

  • Have them go through the payment plan enrollment process

  • Refer to Step 2 in the Tips for Setup section to learn how to register for Wisetack

  • To learn how to start using the Wisetack Integration, click here!

Step 4: Send single pay requests in Analytics to patients who need to pay a balance today

Analytics Payments allows you to send single pay requests to patients. Instead of asking a patient to call back in or sending them a mailed statement, you can simply send them a link to pay

  • To learn how to send a payment request through Analytics, click here

Step 4: Evaluate Analytics Payments metrics regularly

As with any software it is important to evaluate the results its generating. Analytics Payments gives you a full breakdown of who paid and when the balance was deposited

  • Click here to learn more about the Monthly Statement provided by Analytics Payments

  • Click here to learn how to track your Analytics Payments deposits

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