To ensure that patients who reach out after you close are receiving a response, refer to the following steps to enable the Engagement [Modento] After Hours Auto Responder!

How to Enable the After Hours Auto Responder

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Settings tab

  2. Select Practice Setup

  3. Click into Practice Info

  4. 💥Important💥 Here you will need to make sure your Office Hours are entered accurately. To learn how to setup Office Hours, click here.

  5. Below the Office Hours you will select the Enable After Hours Auto Responder check box

    1. This will send a text / email / chat response to any patient that contacts the practice outside of the designated office hours

    2. The content of the message that will be delivered can be edited and customized in the Verbiage section of your settings. To learn how to update this, click here

  6. You can also select the Enable notification to office email when a patient sends an after-hours message check box. This will send an email to the office for each patient that messages outside of office hours to ensure no communication is forgotten

  7. Click Save

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