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Important Update: Google Analytics and Your LocalMed Widget(s)
Important Update: Google Analytics and Your LocalMed Widget(s)

Google Universal Analytics is sunsetting on July 1, 2023 and your LocalMed widgets will need to updated. Learn how to complete the process.

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As you are most likely aware, Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. If you are currently using Universal Analytics (UA) properties within your LocalMed widget(s), your widget(s) will need to be updated with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties to ensure your tracking properties continue to process data.

There are a couple pieces of information you will need to provide Dental Intelligence for us to make those necessary widget updates:

  1. First, if you have not yet transitioned your properties from UA to GA4, you can find instructions on how to complete that in Google Analytics here.

  2. After you’ve set up your GA4 properties, we will need you to provide the old UA property ID alongside the new GA4 property ID for any properties you wish to continue tracking through your LocalMed widget(s).

  3. Please submit those property IDs via this form by Friday, June 16, to prevent any disruptions in your Google Analytics tracking.

How to Locate Property IDs

If you’re not sure where to locate those property IDs, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Sign into your Google Analytics dashboard and click Admin at the bottom of the left side menu.

  2. From the Admin menu, navigate to Account Settings > Setup Assistant.

  3. From the Setup Assistant menu, in the Data collection section, click the arrow at the far right of the “Collect website and app data” section and then select Manage data streams from the dropdown menu.

  4. Under Data Streams, find the property you want to track and then click the arrow to the far right of that property.

  5. From the Web stream details window, locate the Measurement ID and click the Copy icon to copy the property ID to your clipboard. You can then paste this property ID into the form to share with Dental Intelligence so we can update your widgets.

Note: The process of locating the property ID will be the same for UA properties and GA4 properties, but UA properties will have a UA- prefix while GA4 properties will have a G- prefix. Please ensure you are pasting your UA property values and GA4 property values into the correct fields on the form.

Submit Updated GA Properties

You may still submit your properties to be updated after the June 16, 2023 deadline, but you may see a disruption in your Google Analytics data processing for LocalMed widgets if the property update form is received after that date.

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