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Engagement: Using the Email Template Builder (NEW)
Engagement: Using the Email Template Builder (NEW)

Learn how to navigate and use the email template builder to create stunning emails to send to your patients

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Crafting dynamic email content has never been simpler with our new intuitive email campaign template builder in Engagement! Choose from a range of layouts, effortlessly drag and drop elements, and personalize with text, images, and gifs to launch your captivating campaign with ease!

In this article, we'll go over:

New Email Template Workflow

As a part of our March 2024 release, we've completely revitalized our Email Campaign Template feature into a completely customizable and easy-to-use template builder.

Going forward, all users should create email templates from the Email Campaigns Templates dashboard in the left side menu of Engagement (no longer in Engagement Settings). New pre-designed templates created by the Dental Intelligence marketing team are also available in the Templates Gallery.

As a part of this update, if you would like to continue using any of your previously created templates, you must copy and paste the template content into the new builder. Click here to learn how to copy your previous templates into the new builder.

How the Template Builder Works

Our template builder makes it easy to drag and drop elements and customize emails exactly how you'd like with just a few clicks.

Click on the bulleted arrows below to expand/collapse the section and learn more about each feature!

Add email structure blocks

Click on the Structure tab. Choose how you'd like your email structure blocks to be organized by dragging and dropping the design into the right side of the template builder.

Helpful hint: Email structure blocks are outlined in purple when selected.

You can also add structure blocks by clicking on the purple + buttons when hovering over the existing blocks. Click on the upper + button to add a block above the existing block, or the lower + button to add a block below the existing block.

Rearrange structure block order

Rearrange the order of the added structure blocks by clicking and dragging the icon upwards or downwards.

Copy or delete structure blocks

Copy a block by hovering over it and clicking on the copy icon in the bottom right corner.

Delete a block by hovering over it and clicking on the red X icon in the bottom right corner.

Add or delete content type fields

Once you've added your email structure, start adding email content types fields such as images, text blocks, videos, and more.

Click on the Content tab. Drag and drop the desired content types fields into the blue structure blocks available.

Helpful hint: Content type fields are outlined in green when selected.

Or, click on the blue + icon within each structure block to select a content type:

Tip: You can add more than one content type to a structure block. Continue dragging and dropping content types into the structure block to stack them within the same block!

If you drag a content type into a field and decide you'd like to change it to a different content type, hover over the block and click on the red X icon in the bottom right corner.

Edit structure block properties in the Structure tab

Click directly on any structure block in the right side of the builder window to open the customizable structure properties that you can modify to update the appearance of your email campaign.

Helpful hint: Email structure blocks are outlined in purple when selected.

You can make adjustments to the following structure block properties:

  • Increase/decrease the number of columns

  • Change the background color

  • Adjust mobile display settings (ie, how your email will show for patients who open it on their phone vs. desktop)

  • Add borders and update colors

  • Adjust margins

  • Add background images

Edit template settings in the Settings tab

Additionally, click on the Settings tab to review options that will apply to the entire template.

The changes you make in the Settings tab will apply to the current template that you're working on. You can make adjustments to the following template settings:

  • Template width

  • Template colors

  • Font size and style

  • Default line height

Add Your Content

Once you've got the email structure and content type fields laid out, start adding your own content to the email template to bring it to life!

How to add copy

To add text to your email, simply begin typing directly into the template text field or copy and paste text from another document directly into the template text field.

Clicking on the text field opens the text settings window, which allows you to change font style, size, color, add placeholders, bulleted lists, insert hyperlinks, and more.

How to add visuals

To add images, click on the image field in your template. Choose to upload images from your computer, or use the convenient free image library included in the template builder.

To use the free image library powered by Pexel, search for images using a keyword or phrase. Click on the desired image to add it to your template.

Add GIFs by clicking on the default GIF. Then search for the desired GIF in the GIF properties menu. Click on the new GIF to add it to the template.

Note: The Content tab options shown in the right hand side of the template window will change based on the content type that you have selected.

Add video content to your template by adding YouTube or Vimeo hyperlinks. Click on the video content field in your template, then copy and paste the desired video link in the Video properties on the left side of the builder menu.

Ready? Set? Create a New Template!

Now that we've reviewed the details of how the template builder works and how to add your content, let's put all the pieces together and create a new template from scratch.

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