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Engagement: How to Copy/Paste Existing Templates into the Email Builder (NEW)
Engagement: How to Copy/Paste Existing Templates into the Email Builder (NEW)

Learn how to copy and paste your previously utilized templates into the builder

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We've completely revitalized our Email Campaign Template feature into a completely customizable and easy-to-use template builder!

As a part of this update, if you would like to continue using any of your previously created templates, you must copy and paste the template content into the new builder.

In this article, we'll learn how to:

First, copy content from your existing template

Before transitioning to the new Email Campaigns Template Builder, you'll need to copy any existing templates that you would like to save into a Word document.

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner of Engagement

  2. Click on Templates, then click Email campaigns

  3. Navigate the Custom library and click on the 3-dot menu of the desired template. Click Edit to open the template

  4. Select all of the content within the template and right click to copy your selections

  5. Navigate to your Word document and right click to paste content into the document

Next, paste content into the template builder

Once you have copied and pasted all of the templates that you would like to save into a Word document, you can transition to using the new Email Campaigns Template Builder.

  1. Click on Email Campaigns in the left side menu, then click Templates

  2. Click on the blue Create template button

  3. Give your template a name, then add a new category or select an existing one

  4. Click Continue

  5. From the builder, click on the Structure tab to design your template shell by adding structure blocks

  6. Click on the Content tab to drag and drop content type fields

  7. Add your image elements by clicking on each field and searching the free image library or uploading items from your computer

  8. Copy and paste copy from your Word document into the builder text fields (placeholders will transfer)

  9. Add GIFs by clicking on the default GIF. Then search for the desired GIF in the GIF properties menu. Click on the new GIF to add it to the template

  10. Add HTML links if utilizing buttons, videos, or social media

  11. When you are finished adding your content to the template, click Save in the lower right corner

Going forward, continue creating email templates from the Email Campaigns Templates dashboard in the left side menu of Engagement (no longer in Engagement Settings). New pre-designed templates created by the Dental Intelligence marketing team are also available in the Templates Gallery.

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