Ever wonder about the impact of your work in the office?

As a clinician, your role is vital to the health of your patients and the overall growth of your practice. Have you ever stopped to reflect on how you can help give patients better care and increase the profitability of your practice?

The secret is the Profitability Formula!

The Profitability Formula outlines what details of your practice you can work towards improving each day. These areas have a HUGE impact on the success of your office.

As a clinician, you are working with patients and providing them with the care they need to live healthier lives. The top two areas of the Profitability Formula that apply to you are Visits and Production per Visit.

Visits: Increase the number of appointments scheduled for your office.

  • Re-Appointment: Even if it's six months down the road, encourage your patients to claim their spot on your schedule at the time of visit. 

Production per Visit: Maximize patient time.

  • Diagnose any needed treatment: Diagnosing ALL needed treatment, even anything as simple as fluoride or sealants, can go a long way in giving your patients better care and boosting productivity.

  • Increase Case Acceptance: Your help in teaching patients the risk versus the benefit of getting treatment done has a huge impact when the doctor comes along. Encourage your patients to schedule their treatment before they leave the office!

You can measure your impact on each of these areas by checking your metrics in Dental Intel. Set some goals and track your progress as you work towards giving your patients better care each day!

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