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Analytics: How is Production Calculated?
Analytics: How is Production Calculated?

This article will discuss the Profitability Formula, where production comes from, and how to increase it with Dental Intelligence Analytics.

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Before diving into all the numbers and data that Dental Intelligence offers, it's important to first understand where production comes from. Watch the video below to learn about the production formula, and the four most important numbers you can start looking at. 

The Production Formula:


The production formula helps you understand where production comes from, so you can figure out what you need to do to increase it. 

When you understand the production formula, you begin to see that all improvements you make in your performance will help increase your production by either increasing "visits", or increasing "production per visit."

Four Metrics to Start Looking At:

When you first login to Dental Intelligence, don't get overwhelmed at all the numbers and graphs. Here are the four most important numbers to begin with:

Note: These statistics are found in the sliding Ticker Bar at the top of your Performance Board

  1. Active Patients - Measures the number of patients who have had a completed appointment in the last 18 months (and are marked "active" in your practice management software).

  2. Pre-Appointment % - The percent of your active patients that are scheduled for any kind of future visit. 

  3. Future Visits - The number of future appointments you have.

  4. Production Per Visit - The average "production per visit", for all providers, for the past 90 days. 

Go look at these numbers on your dashboard. Then, get to work to start improving them!  All four of these numbers tie directly back into the production formula - they help you increase your "visits" and increase your "production per visit". As you work to improve these four numbers, your production will begin to increase.

Moving on: Follow-Ups

Once you are working on improving your active patient base, pre-appointment %, future visits, and production per visit, you can move on and learn about Dental Intelligence's "Follow-Ups". These Follow-Ups will help you keep track of al the patients you are working with. 

Click HERE to learn about Follow-Ups.

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