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Analytics: Dental Care Benchmarks
Analytics: Dental Care Benchmarks

Review the most recent Dental Care Benchmarks & discuss how to use them comparatively to your data

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Benchmarks are standards we calculate so you can know how you stack up against the dental industry across the country. Compare your ticker bar metrics to the 2023 Industry Benchmarks to then identify areas of success or areas that can be improved upon!

View the 2022 and 2023 benchmarks here:

Industry Benchmarks in Location Scorecards

How is your practice measuring up against others in the dental care industry? In Location Scorecards, you can see how you're performing in easy-to-read Visualizations that include benchmark metrics! These markers can be turned on or off in Scorecard Settings:

Percentage-based metrics show how well the office is doing at adhering to standard operating procedures, regardless of what market an office might be in. With industry benchmarks turned on in Scorecards, you'll notice a yellow dotted line in the Visualize Performance tab of any Location Scorecard:

Location Scorecards currently measure the following industry benchmark metrics:

  • Pre-Appointment %: Percentage of active patients that have an appointment scheduled in the future

  • New Patient Re-Appointment %: Percentage of new patients that were also scheduled for a future appointment categorized as hygiene during their visit

  • Hygiene Pre-Appointment %: Percentage of active hygiene patients that are currently scheduled for an upcoming appointment categorized as hygiene

  • Hygiene Re-Appointment %: Percentage of hygiene patients that had a visit categorized as hygiene and left with a hygiene appointment scheduled for the future

  • Same Day Treatment $ Acceptance %: Percentage of gross production for procedures completed during a visit that were not scheduled or treatment planned ahead of the patient's visit

  • Treatment $ Acceptance %: Percentage of patients seen that was presented treatment and that treatment was scheduled for a future appointment or completed in the same visit

  • Perio %: Percentage of patient visits where perio treatment was performed

Download your own copy of the Dental Care Benchmarks below:

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