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When teams are aligned, the rest comes easy. Scorecards help you unite team members and streamline processes so your organization can achieve clear goals, informed teams, and frictionless work toward shared objectives.


Our customizable Scorecards give you a quick, simple, and complete understanding of the metrics that matter most to you. With Scorecards, you can compare clinics, identify trends over time, and stay updated on how your organization is performing — all in one centralized space.

Looking for information about providers during the same time range? Click on Providers in the dropdown menu to review provider data related to the selected metrics and time range.

Get your leaders on the same page! Reinforce standard operating procedures with a new ability to share scorecards with those in selected locations. Share scorecards with your staff so they can regularly review the metrics that matter to your business.

From your Scorecard dashboard, locate the scorecard you would like to share and then click on the Actions button to share.

Multi-Location Scorecards for DSOs

Multi-location Scorecards are for users who are part of a dental service organization or have access to more than one location.

To access your multi-location Scorecards, hover over the DSO Dashboards icon in the left side navigation of Analytics and then click on DSO Scorecards.

Click here to learn more about multi-location Scorecards for DSOs.

Scorecards for Single Locations

Single location Scorecards are for users who belong to a single practice or do not have access to any other locations in their organization.

To access Scorecards, hover over the Dashboards icon in the left side navigation of Analytics and then click on Scorecards.

Click here to learn more about single location Scorecards.

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