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Analytics: Scorecards AI Assistant
Analytics: Scorecards AI Assistant

Get insights on your unique scorecard with the help of our integrated AI Assistant

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Meet your Scorecards AI Assistant, Dot! Dot is an AI-integration that offers invaluable insights into practice and provider performance by analyzing data trends and metrics for you within your unique scorecard.

Open any scorecard and click on the robot icon to get started. Then, choose a pre-populated question or ask your own, and watch as it efficiently compares various aspects of the current dataset, providing actionable intelligence to enhance operational efficiency and find opportunities for growth.

Ask a question

Start a conversation with Dot by clicking on the robot icon within an open scorecard. Dot will populate a few suggested questions. Click on a suggested question to generate an answer.

Or, click I have my own question to ask a unique question. Type a question and then click the arrow icon or hit Enter on your keyboard to send your question and generate an answer. It's normal for Dot to take a few moments to populate an answer depending on the amount of data that may need to be reviewed.

Please note: The AI Assistant within Scorecards is able to assist with questions and data related to the currently selected scorecard only. If you have questions about other metrics in Analytics or how-to instructions, please start a new conversation with Support by clicking on the question mark in the left side menu.

Introduce new data

Have questions about other data points that may not be included or available on your current scorecard? You can provide Dot with more data by sharing key-value pairs of information separated by semicolons, with each row of data separated by a new line.

Here's an example of how to format the data:

  • Start Date=MM/DD/YYYY;

  • End Date=MM/DD/YYYY;

  • Practice Name=Your Practice Name

  • Patient Value=$X.XX;

  • Gross Production=$X.XX;

  • Scheduled Production=$X.XX;

  • Collections=$X.XX;

  • AR 0-30 Days=$X.XX;

  • AR 31-60 Days=$X.XX;

  • AR 61-90 Days=$X.XX;

  • AR 90+ Days=$X.XX;

Include this data in your question to Dot and get even more insights into how selected practices, providers, or procedure codes are performing.

Pinpoint actionable items

Take Dot's insights one step further! Armed with data in hand, you can ask Dot to create content to keep you moving forward. Whether it's drafting a congratulatory email to a top performer or an internal bulletin staff about the importance of reducing AR days, Dot can help you put something together in just a few clicks.

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