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Analytics: How to Share a Scorecard
Analytics: How to Share a Scorecard

Learn how to share a scorecard with other users or locations in Analytics

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Scorecards can be shared with other users or locations. To share your scorecard, follow these steps:

  1. From the Scorecard dashboard, click on the purple My Scorecards tile to show all of the scorecards that you have created

  2. Locate the scorecard you would like to share and then click on the Actions button

  3. Choose Share

  4. Select the person, people, or location that you would like to share the scorecard with, then click Share

  5. You can tell which scorecards have been shared by the group icon shown in the Shared with Others column

Please note: Scorecards are unique to your user account and will not be seen by other users at your practice unless you share the scorecard with them. Shared scorecards cannot be edited by other users. The original scorecard author is the only one who can make edits to the scorecard.

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