Patient Finder: Exporting a List

Learn the steps to export a Patient Finder list created in your Analytics module

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Exporting Patient Finder lists can be a useful technique for data validation and can allow you to save lists directly to your computer. This article will detail how to go about exporting lists from the Patient Finder.

This is part of the Analytics Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

How to Export a Patient Finder List

  1. Click on and open the list

  2. Select all or some of the patients by clicking the Check Boxes on the left hand side (note: click the top left check box to select all patients in the list)

  3. In the upper right hand corner click Actions

  4. Click Export Table

  5. From here, enter an Export Name for the list that you are exporting and either select to show the Currently Displayed Columns or All Columns. All Columns will show all columns available from the list. Then click Save at the bottom

    1. Currently Displayed Columns will show you the patient information columns that you have selected to appear in the Edit Table button

  6. To view the exported file, click on Exports under the Patient Finder icon. Here you will see a list of all recent exported tables

  7. Click Download if would like to download the file to your computer or click Remove to delete any previous exports

Note: Exports expire! These exported lists of patients will not automatically update like the Patient Finder lists within the Analytics dashboard. Exported lists are set files. To update them we recommend you export the list again if any changes have occurred.

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