If you currently use Dentrix as your Practice Management Software, there are additional steps you will need to follow in order to send a treatment plan with Engagement [Modento].

Preparing & Sending a Treatment Plan When Using Dentrix

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Propose treatment in Dentrix Treatment Planner

  2. Print Preview the selected treatment plan

  3. Use the Snipping Tool to screenshot your print preview screen

  4. Save Snipped Image to your desktop

  5. Now you will open Engagement [Modento] to start the process of Sending a Treatment Plan

  6. Select the Three Dot Menu next to the patient's initials, hover over Forms, and click Prepare a Treatment Plan

  7. Now you will Insert the Snipped Image (Remember, you will be uploading the snipped image of your patients Dentrix treatment plan, rather than selecting their plan from the dropdown menu on the left hand side)

  8. Upload your snipped image from your desktop

  9. Select applicable Payment Options and adjust Total Treatment Plan Cost (Value of treatment cost must match patients out of pocket cost regardless of applying a payment option or not)

  10. Adjust any additional settings then click Send

For more information regarding Sending a Treatment Plan in Engagement [Modento], refer to the following article:

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