Analytics Payments: Requesting a Single Payment

This article will walk you through how to request a single payment request from a patient using Analytics Payments

Written by Jolynn Marcum
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This article is about our Payments Solution through our Analytics Module. If you are looking for information regarding our Payments Solution the Engagement Module click here.

With Analytics Payments Single Payment Request, you can easily request a payment from a single patient.

Watch this video to see how this new feature works:

Request a Single Payment

  1. Select the Payments Icon

  2. Click on Payments Dashboard

  3. Select Single Payment Request

  4. Search for a patient

  5. Select the Most Recent Balance or click Other Amount to customize

  6. Select the Delivery Method by clicking either SMS, Email, or both

  7. Select the Pencil Icon found in the message preview to edit the message content

    1. Place cursor in the text box where desired, then select the Variable icon

      1. From the list of Variables, select the information needed (This will auto-fill from your Practice Management Software)

    2. Click into the Text Box to add content

    3. Click the Revert icon to reset to the original message

    4. Select Done

  8. Select Add Statement

    • The Default Statement is pulled directly from your Practice Management Software (you can preview this format by selecting the Preview button)

    • Or select Custom Statement

      • Enter a note

      • Click to Upload File

  9. Click Send in the bottom right hand corner to request the single payment

Please note:

  • If a single payment request is sent to an adult OR child patient and there is a guarantor on their family account, the payment request will go to the guarantor.

  • The patient must input their date of birth as MM/YYYY (not MM/DD/YY) when opening payment links

  • Any single payment requests that are sent will remove that patient from the bulk payment request list. To learn more about sending a bulk payment request, click here.

  • Single payment requests will be sent out in the time zone that they are requested in

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