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Engagement: Unlinked Patients
Engagement: Unlinked Patients

Learn how to create, message, and link unlinked patients to your Practice Management Software.

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Unlinked patients are easily identified by the broken link symbol next to their name in Engagement.

In some instances, you may need to create an unlinked patient in Engagement who is not yet set up as a patient in your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft).

In addition to creating an unlinked patient directly from the Patients dashboard, you can also create unlinked patients in bulk by uploading a CSV with prospective patient contact information included in an email campaign (admin users only).

In this article, we'll learn how to:

Create an Unlinked Patient from the Patients Dashboard

If you are unable to access this feature or make changes, you have not been granted permission in your user profile. Contact an admin team member in your practice to enable access or work with them to complete the steps outlined in the instructions below. Click here to learn how to update user permissions.

  1. Click on the Patients tab in Engagement

  2. Click the Create Patient button

  3. Enter in patient information in the necessary fields, then click Create

  4. Unlinked patients are easily identified by the broken link symbol next to their name

Note: Unlinked patients added to Engagement [Modento] are NOT added to your Practice Management Software (Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix).

Message Unlinked Patient(s) in Bulk by Uploading an Email Campaign CSV

Note: Only users with Email Campaign permissions have access to this feature. Click here to learn more about user permissions.

Sending an email campaign to prospective patients using a CSV file that is uploaded to Engagement will create an unlinked patient for each recipient listed in the CSV. Recipients listed in the uploaded CSV file will not be linked to any chart in your Practice Management Software (PMS) and can be created or removed later.

Check out our resources to learn more:

Message an Unlinked Patient

  1. Once an unlinked patient has been created in Engagement [Modento], click on the three-dot menu next to their initials

  2. Click Communication

  3. Choose whether to send a Formatted Email or a Direct Message

Connect Unlinked Patient to a Patient Chart in Practice Management Software

To avoid creating duplicate patients, you can connect a patient chart within your Practice Management Software directly to an unlinked patient in Engagement.

  1. Go to the Patients tab in Engagement

  2. Click on the patient's name to open the patient card (Remember: unlinked patients will have a broken link icon shown next to their name)

  3. Click on the Settings gear in the patient card

  4. Click on the Patient Chart section

  5. Click the Create in PMS button to connect this patient to the patient chart in your practice management software. Note: In order to connect the patient properly, you must use the same contact information and date of birth as is shown in your practice management software

Note: If you add the patient in your practice management software with the same contact information as provided in the Unlinked Patient portion of Engagement [Modento], we will automatically link the chart during the nightly sync.

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