Engagement: How to Run a Patient Sync

Learn how to sync patients and patient data from your practice management software to Engagement

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If you have recently updated patient information or if a patient is not appearing in Engagement but is showing in your practice management software, it could be because the two systems need time to sync.

By default, patient information will sync overnight or within 10 minutes of an appointment being scheduled for them. If you need to sync one or many of your patients’ information right away, you can do so manually in Engagement.

In this article, we'll learn:

Before running a patient sync, check to make sure that your Engagement bridge is online and connected to your practice management software. If the bridge is offline, your data cannot be synced. Learn more here.

How to Run a Sync for One Patient

  1. Access the Patients tab

  2. Click on the patient's name. This will open their patient card

  3. This will pull up the Patient Card

  4. Select the Patient Chart tab

  5. Click Synchronize now

How to Run a Sync for All Patients

  1. Click Patients on the left side of your Engagement [Modento] dashboard

  2. Click the checkbox in the top left to select all of your patients

  3. Click Bulk Action

  4. Click Synchronize patients with Practice Management Software

  5. All of your patients’ information will now match the latest data entered in your Practice Management Software!

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