Here is a short video going over the Patient Filters in your Engagement [Modento] dashboard:

Patient Filters in Engagement [Modento]

Dental Intel Filters in Engagement [Modento]

Patient Filters in Engagement [Modento]

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Patients tab

  2. View the top row of Filters

  3. Click the Drop Down for each Filter column to view the filtering options

  4. After applying needed filters, you will be able to save this filter combination by selecting the Save Filter button

  5. Here you can save as a New Filter, or update an existing Filter with the new changes

  6. Click the Save button to save those settings

    1. To save a new filter as the Default list when you first login, select the Save as default checkbox. This will only apply the default for your personal Engagement dashboard.

  7. You will also be able to Clear the Filters to go back to the default patient list

  8. The Filters Library is also available in the top right hand corner of the screen, these are pre-made filters from Engagement [Modento] that you can select for easy access to valuable lists of patients

    1. To make an existing filter the default patient list, click into the filter dropdown arrow, then select Set as Default. This will only apply the default for your personal Engagement dashboard.

Click here to learn more about the Provider Filters found in the Future & Last Visit drop down options.

Dental Intel (Analytics) Filters in Engagement [Modento]

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. If you are an existing Analytics user, you will be able to pull through lists of patients into Modento from the Patient Finder in Analytics!

    When you select the Filters Library button in Engagement [Modento], you will see a Dental Intel option. Click into this tab

  2. From here you can click through the Saved Searches you have created in the Patient Finder or you can select from the pre-made filters in Popular Searches & Top Staff Picks

Note: If you are an active Dental Intel (Analytics) user and do not see the Dental Intel folder as an option, please reach out to our support team so we can enable this setting for you!

Why do the number of patients inside of Engagement not match the number of patients in my Practice Management Software?

Similar to Engagement, your Practice Management Software has its own logic for if a patient is active or not. Engagement should show more patients than what your practice management software says is active.

Engagement will pull inactive as well as non-patients if they match any one of these criteria:

  • They had an appointment in last 30 days,

  • They have an appointment scheduled in the future,

  • They are a guardian/guarantor to an active patient

For more information about creating custom lists using the Patient Finder tool in Dental Intel, refer to the following article:

For information about Bulk Action options in the Patients list, refer to the following article:

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