Analytics Payments: Customizing the Payment Workflow

This article will discuss the customizable settings in Collecting a Payment Workflow for Payments in Analytics.

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This article is about our Payments Solution through our Analytics Module. If you are looking for information regarding our Payments Solution the Engagement Module click here.

Once you have enabled your Analytics Payments dashboard by completing the Analytics Payments Set Up Process, you can get started sending payment requests & collecting patient balances. In the set up process you were asked to add your Collecting a Payment Workflow. These settings control which patients appear in your Bulk Payment Request list, and when we will send follow up messages to patients after you send the initial payment request. These settings can be changed at any time. Follow these steps to customize your Payments settings:

Accessing Analytics Payments Settings

  1. Access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Click Payments

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Collecting a Payment

  4. This will open your current workflow for di. Payments and allow you to make changes

Note: If you do not see the Payments Settings in your Dashboard, you most likely do not have permissions to make changes to this feature. In order to gain access you will need to have an administrative team member grant you access, or make the necessary changes through their log in

Changing Criteria for the Bulk Payment Request List

  1. You can choose to allow patients to pay a portion of their total balance, by clicking the toggle slider On or Off

  2. To customize which patients appear in your Bulk Payment Request list, click the drop down menu to select patients with Current balances, or Past Due balances (Over 30 days)

  3. You can filter based on the Estimated Patient Portion Balance amount by selecting the drop down

  4. To filter your list of patients based on Outstanding Insurance Claims you can select the drop down and choose from the available options

Payment Request Message Content and Workflow

Now that you have customized the criteria of which patients will appear in the Bulk Payment Request list, you can customize the message content. You will have up to 3 messages that can be delivered to patients. The first message must be sent manually, the following two will be sent automatically based on the settings established. If a patient is in a Payment Campaign and they make a partial payment, they are NOT removed from the Payment Campaign until they pay their full balance.

  1. Update and change the message content as desired for any of the messages by selecting the Pencil icon to make changes

  2. Click into the Text Box to type, or add Variables by selecting the Bracket Icon { } . Variables will autofill with Patient and Practice information for each individual patient

  3. Between each message preview, you can choose the Number of Days we will wait before sending the following message if the patient does not pay. Click the Drop Down menu to see the options

  4. You can choose to only send two messages rather than three by deleting the third message. Simply select the Trash Can icon to remove this

  5. After patients receive the messages through this process we want to ensure no patients slip through the cracks if payment is not completed. Our next step is to establish the Follow Up setting.

    After the final message is delivered, we will wait the selected number of days, then create a reminder that is assigned to a specific team member. This can be selected in the Drop Down Menu (multiple team members can be selected, follow ups will be evenly distributed in a round robin assignment)

    These reminders will appear as a Past Due Account Follow Ups in the Open Follow Ups page. For more information regarding Follow Ups, click here

  6. Once you have made the needed changes to your di. Payments Workflow, click save in the bottom right hand corner

Important Note About Payment Workflows

If you adjust the Payment Workflow, any payments sent before the adjustment was saved will send using the original workflow. This is applicable for the message content as well as the scheduled days between requests being sent.

For example: If the original workflow was to wait 3 days between each message and a change is made to the time frame between messages, the requests sent before will go out following the 3 days rule that had been previously established.

Payment requests are not sent on weekends so if a message is scheduled to go on a Saturday or Sunday according to the established time between messages, it will send on Monday instead.

Additional Resources

Now that your settings are customized, refer to our Sending Bulk Payment Requests article to learn how to start requesting payments through this automated process:

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