di. will give not only give you a customized list of patients to send payment requests to each day. This gives you a seamless way to AUTOMATE PAYMENTS!

Important facts:

In order for a patient to be eligible for a bulk payment request the following conditions must be met, or else they will not appear on the bulk messaging list:

  • The patient cannot be on a payment plan in the PMS

  • The patient must owe more than the minimum payment in your Payments Settings

  • The patient's balance must be in the correct aging category defined in your Payment Settings

  • The patient must be a guarantor (children's balances will be sent to the guarantor)

  • The patient must not currently be "Snoozed" in Payments

  • The patient must not have the "Do Not Recall" banner on their Patient Card

  • The patient cannot already be in an active Payments campaign

  • The patient cannot have had another Payments campaign since the time of their most recent visit

For more information regarding why patients do or do not appear in the Bulk Payments Request List, refer to this article!

Watch our short video below to see how to start sending requests!

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Select the Payments Icon from the menu

  2. Click on Payments Dashboard

  3. Select Bulk Payment Request

  4. Next, you can view all the Messages in this campaign, view Pending messages, or view messages that have been Snoozed

  5. Check in the box at the top to select all patients

  6. Deselect any patients you don't want to include by unchecking their box

  7. Click the Clock icon to snooze them from this campaign

    1. Select a Date to re-enroll the patient and the reason for snoozing

    2. Select the Reason you are snoozing this patient

  8. Click to Send

When using the di. Payments Bulk Messaging feature you will want to remember to check these three things daily:

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