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Learn how you can prepare and send bulk payment requests using Engagement Payments with Clearent

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You can now save even more time by sending patient payment requests in bulk! With Engagement Payments, you will be able to filter a list of patients and subsequently send a payment request with just a few clicks for offices using Clearent as its payment merchant.

In this article, we'll learn:

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Watch the short video below to learn more about sending bulk payment requests:

Important note for Dentrix users: To utilize the bulk payments feature, Dentrix offices will need to ensure they have been upgraded to the latest Engagement Bridge version. Learn more here.

Send a Bulk Payment Request

If you are unable to access this feature or make changes, you have not been granted permission in your user profile. Contact an admin team member in your practice to enable access or work with them to complete the steps outlined in the instructions below. Click here to learn how to update user permissions.

  1. Click on Payments in the left side of Engagement

  2. Navigate to the Accounts Receivable tab

  3. Click the dropdown arrows available on the columns shown to filter the populated patient list. Popular filter qualifications include: Last request sent over 1 week ago, 30+ days aging, $0-$0 estimated insurance, and $0-$1500 total balance

    1. Use the Last payment request sent column to filter patients by the timeframe of their last sent request

    2. Use the Patient Age column to filter patients by minimum and maximum age parameters

    3. Use the Aging column to filter patients by their account aging timeframe

    4. Use the Total balance column to filter patients by the current combined value (insurance and patient balance) of their account within the minimum and maximum amounts you have entered

    5. Use the Insurance column to filter patients by the current outstanding value that is estimated to be paid by the patient's insurance benefits (Tip: We recommend setting the Min $ as 0 and the Max $ as 0 to show patients that only have an outstanding patient balance due)

    6. Use the Amount due column to filter patients by the current outstanding value of their account within the minimum and maximum amounts you have entered

      Helpful tip: Your applied filters will show up as blue bubble above the columns and columns with filters applied with be green

  4. Choose to save your selected filter(s) by clicking Save Filter in the upper right corner. The next time you visit the Accounts Receivable tab, click the Filters library button to expand your saved filters for faster navigation

  5. Once you have selected the filters you would like applied, click the checkbox to select all patients. Click Bulk Actions and then Send payment request

    1. When submitting a bulk payment request, you can also choose to Snooze particular patients that you may not want to receive requests for a certain period of time. Learn more about snoozing patients here.

  6. In the next window:

    1. Select the preferred delivery channel

    2. Review the message template (learn how to customize message verbiage here)

    3. Click the checkbox to add up to two follow up reminders that will be sent to patients if a payment is not made after the initial request is sent

    4. Click the checkbox to attach a DI statement (click Preview to open an example of the statement)

  7. When finished, click Next

  8. The Summary allows you to review the settings prior to sending the request out. Click Send to submit the request.

Important notes:

  • Bulk payment requests are sent out at the time that they are submitted unless the sender's time zone falls within the quiet hours of the recipients time zone.

  • Clicking on the blue Collect payment button from the Transactions, Deposits, or Payment requests tabs and choosing Bulk payment request from the dropdown menu will redirect you to the Accounts Receivable tab automatically.

Snooze Patients from Receiving Payment Requests

There may be patients that have special circumstances surrounding their payments and who you may want to exclude from the bulk payment requests list. Using our Snooze feature, you can remove patients from receiving bulk payment requests for the period of time that you choose.

Your snoozed patients list can be reviewed by clicking on the Accounts Receivable tab within the Payments section of Engagement.

Note: If you do not have any snoozed patients, this list will not be displayed

To snooze a patient(s):

  1. Follow Steps 1-5 above to filter patients. Once you have selected the filters you would like applied, click the checkbox next to each name to select patients. Click Bulk Actions and then Snooze

  2. Choose the length of time that you would like to snooze the patient(s) for

  3. Click Snooze selected

  4. To remove patients from the Snooze list, simply click Unsnooze from the Actions tab of the list

Looking to learn even more about Engagement Payments? Check out our on-demand webinar!

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