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Engagement: Treatment Plan Payment Options
Engagement: Treatment Plan Payment Options

This article includes a short video going over setting up Payment Options for Engagement [Modento] Treatment Plans

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Treatment Plans in Engagement [Modento] allow you to include Payment Options that are customizable to your practice. Payment Options will ensure patients understand the price breakdown and how they would like to pay for the treatment that has been presented to them. This will increase the likelihood that they accept the treatment and gives you control over what you accept for patient payment. Watch this short video to learn more about Treatment Plan Payment Options:

How to Add Treatment Plan Payment Options in Engagement [Modento]

  1. Access the Engagement [Modento] Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Select the Practice Setup tab

  3. Click into Treatment Plans tab

  4. Here you will be able to create payment options that will be available when preparing a treatment plan

  5. Click the Add New Payment Option button

  6. You will be provided with 4 options

    1. Paid in Total

    2. Installments

    3. Split Payment

    4. External Financing

    5. External Financing allows you to include a URL to the financing site that the patient can register for. For example Care Credit can be added here if you accept this in your office

  7. As you add Payment Options they will appear in a list view in the Treatment Plans Tab. You can edit or delete payment options by selecting the three dot menu

  8. Once you have built out the Payment Options you would like to provide, you can start preparing treatment plans and increasing your case acceptance!

    Note: In order to send an Engagement Treatment Plan, you must have at least one payment option created in your settings.

    💥 If you do not have a payment option, you will receive the "The Patient Cost must be an Integer" error. 💥

To learn how to prepare and send Treatment Plans through Engagement [Modento], refer to the following article:

To learn more about Wisetack, our preferred customer financing partner, refer to the following article:

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