Performance Board: Hygiene Re-Appointment

This article will discuss which data is tracked in the Hygiene Re-Appointment Metric

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Hygiene Re-Appointment is the percentage of Hygiene Visits that have scheduled a subsequent hygiene appointment on the same day of their Hygiene Visit before leaving the dental office.

Note: This metric is calculated retroactively, meaning that Dental Intelligence uses historical data in order to determine the current outcomes.

Watch this short video for a walkthrough of how to use this metric:

Why is Hygiene Re-Appointment important?

By reappointing 90% or more of your patients, you will help ensure a stable and growing patient base. This provides your patients with the possibility of 2 exams per year resulting in needed treatment being diagnosed. The Hygiene department will grow at a much faster rate increasing the number of scheduled appointments without the costly and timely front making numerous calls to reschedule. By focusing and improving the performance of same day Reappointing, the practice will increase in overall production, collections and value. Currently the alternative method to measure the Reappointment % in the practice is through manual efforts that are time consuming and often inaccurate.

Hygiene Re-Appointment Metric

Data Review Tools

  1. Click into the trends icon to view view year over year and 90 day trends for your practice

  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon to view the details of the source data that included in that metric

  3. The information icon will give you additional information about this metric

Included Data Points

  • Hygiene Re-Appointment Percentage: The percentage of Hygiene Visits that on the same day of this Hygiene Visit have scheduled a subsequent hygiene appointment before leaving the dental office.

  • Hygiene Visits: Any appointment on the schedule with a Hygiene-specific ADA procedure code attached. This includes D1110, D1120, D4341, D4342, D4355, D4910, D4921, D4999, D6080, D4346 and D6081. If a Hygiene code is attached with no other procedure codes, it will be categorized as a Hygiene Appointment.

    • This article explains more about settings in Eaglesoft that can categorize appointments as Hygiene

  • Reappointed: The number of Hygiene Visits that did scheduled a subsequent hygiene appointment before leaving the dental office, meaning same-day reappointed patients. This number does not change.

  • Unscheduled: Patients who are still unscheduled for Hygiene .

Re-Appointment and Pre-Appointment: What's the difference?

While Re-Appointment and Pre-Appointment are similar, they measure two different scenarios:

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