Engagement allows you to communicate with patients in a variety of ways. In order to ensure that information you send out is successfully reaching your patients, you have a Communication Log to help you stay organized.

Here is a short video that explains how to use the Comm Logs module in Engagement [Modento]:

How to Use Comm Logs

Individual Comm Logs

Financing Tab

How to Use Comm Logs

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Access the Comm Logs tab

  2. Select the type of communication you would like to see:

    1. Automated Communication: This will include appointment reminders, hygiene recall reminders, automated review requests, and birthday messages.

    2. Campaigns: This will include any bulk messages that have been sent out by a team member within the date range you have chosen.

    3. Payments: This will include a record of any payment requests sent

    4. Treatment Plans: This will include a list of all patients that have received a treatment plan within the date frame you have chosen.

    Note: When sending a campaign, Engagement will ignore certain targeted patients from receiving messages if they fall into any of these categories:

    • Patient is inactive

    • Patient is from another clinic

    • Patient does not have an email/phone number

    • Patient is opted out of messaging

    • Patient has the same email as another patient

    Engagement [Modento] will only send one message per family group. This is usually the guarantor that will receive the campaign message.

  3. Select additional filters to customize when the message was sent, and what type of message it was.

Individual Patient Comm Logs

When accessing a patient's Comm Log, you will need to access the Patient Card.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. To access the patient card either click on the patient's name, or click the three dot menu next to the patient's name

  2. Select Patient Card

  3. Click the Communication Log tab

  4. This will show you all communications sent through Engagement [Modento].

    Note: When you receive an email in Engagement [Modento], the system autodetects signature fields on emails and prevents them from loading. This helps ensure that the Communication Log stays clean and uncluttered- allowing your office to practice smarter!

Financing Tab for Wisetack

In the Comm Logs page, there is a tab for financing that will allow you to track patient loans through Wisetack. You can see the dollar amount, the date when the link was generated and sent to the patient, how long the offer is valid until, the type (whether it's a loan or pre-qualification), and the status.

Here, you'll see the status of each loan and if it is:

  • Prequalified

  • Created

  • Loan Terms Accepted

  • Loan Confirmed

  • Declined

To learn more about our partnership with Wisetack, refer to the following article:

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