Social media is a great way to stay in touch with current patients and establish connections with new patients. When used properly, social media templates in Engagement [Modento] can give patients great insight about the practice and your staff. Here is a short video that explains how to use Social Media Templates:

How to Access Social Media Templates

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Access Settings

  2. Go to the Templates tab

  3. Access Social Media Posts

  4. There are two ways you can search for templates:

    1. Search by Name or Tag

    2. Click on the Tag drop down menu

  5. Once you have chosen a template, click on the picture to edit what the caption says

  6. Click on Copy Content to copt

  7. Click on Download Image to save the photo to your computer

  8. Once saved, these templates can be posted on any social media platform

To learn more about Templates in Engagement [Modento], please refer to the following articles:

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