Analytics: Entering Clinical Hours

This article will discuss the steps to enter and edit Clinical Hours for providers in Analytics

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One of the most important metrics is provider's Production per Hour. For Analytics to be able to calculate this number, we need to know how many hours each provider is available to be chair side with patients, hence Clinical Hours!

ACTION: Assign a team member to update Clinical Hours daily!

Note: Only team members with the Limited/Full permissions to Settings can add or adjust Clinical Hours

Here is a quick and easy video tutorial:

Best Practice

On the first day of the week and the first day of the month review and ensure the providers scheduled hours are correct for the coming week or month.

Go To Step 3 - Set your Goals

Need additional info? See the information below.

How to Pull Providers into your Clinical Hours List

  1. Navigate to Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Then click on Clinical Hours

    Note: If you do not see Clinical Hours as an option, you do not have the Settings permission enabled, refer to an admin team member to complete this task or enable access for you

  3. If no providers appear or the provider you are looking for does not appear immediately, you can add the needed provider to the Clinical Hours list by selecting the All Team Members drop down menu

  4. Select Not Tracked

  5. Click Track Provider Hours under the name of the needed team members, this will add them to the All Team Members list

  6. Click the drop down menu again and select All Team Members when you have finished adding your team members. They will now appear in the list

  7. Next add their Scheduled Hours using the steps listed below

Add Clinical Hours

  1. To add Scheduled Hours, find the provider whose hours you are entering in the list

  2. Click on Schedule button to set the scheduled hours for that day

  3. Add the total number of hours & minutes then set the reoccurrence or how often this Repeats (This Occurrence Only, Every Other Weekday, or Every Weekday)

  4. Click Set Scheduled Hours button

  5. Click the Off button if that provider is off for that day of the week and add the reoccurrence as needed (this will set the scheduled hours to "0")

  6. Click Update Hours

  7. Each day for each provider must have hours scheduled ("0" for days off, and hours scheduled for the days working).

  8. To edit existing Scheduled Hours, click on the entered hours on a day and add in the new hours as done before, then click the Set Scheduled Hours button

  9. Complete this for all users and you're done!

Note: When editing clinical hours, if the clinical hours were set using This Occurrence Only, the only way to overwrite that day's hours is using This Occurrence Only

Actual Hours Vs. Scheduled Hours

The reason we have Scheduled Hours is so that we can set accurate production per hour goals for each provider. Then we can automatically calculate daily, weekly, monthly production goals.

DO NOT CHANGE SCHEDULED HOURS (unless the provider is scheduled for different hours on that particular day).

If a provider comes into the office at 8:00 am and leaves the office at 5:00 pm, that is a 9 hour day. Yet, this provider had a 1 hour lunch and a 2 hour meeting with the team. The provider is available for 6 Clinical Hours.

Enter in the number of hours that each provider is available for production. Every day must be scheduled or set to zero hours.

Actual Hours are intended to be updated day to day if there were differences in the time scheduled and the actual hours worked. This helps to ensure metrics and statistics are as accurate as possible.

Helpful Tip: To get a good idea of your past performance, add the previous three months of scheduled hours.

To learn how to update to Scheduled Clinical Hours or Actual Clinical Hours, refer to this article!

Next Steps

Congratulations on entering Clinical Hours! The next step is Entering Provider's Goals

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