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Learn how to navigate the Settings dashboard in Analytics

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Update practice contact information, modify goals, update team member permissions, and more in Analytics Settings.

Access Analytics Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your top navigation.

Important note: In order to make changes in settings, you must have Settings permissions enabled.

Within Settings, choose from the following sections:

General Settings

Production Settings

To update Analytics production settings, click on the Production Settings section in General Settings.

By default, production is measured in Analytics by Gross terms, which is production before write-offs and other adjustments. Gross Production is a measure of work performed, but not an indication of actual production available for collection. It is the production associated with the procedures completed using the Fee Schedule(s) attached to the patient(s) before insurance write-offs, professional courtesies, and any other adjustments.

If you would like to measure Production in Net terms, click on the bubble next to Net to select. Net Production is production after write-offs and other adjustments. Net Production, or your collectable production, is the production after insurance write-offs, professional courtesies, and any other adjustments.

Important note: Changing this setting will effect production data in the Performance Board, Provider Pulse, and the Month To Date production forecast in the Yesterday tab of the Morning Huddle.

You can quickly tell which Production Settings are selected by looking at the Production field displayed in the upper right of each dashboard:

Practice Name and Address

To update your practice location name and address, click on the Practice Name and Address section in General Settings.

Enter your practice Internal Name (as it will be shown in Analytics only), address and contact information, then click Save to apply your changes.

Team Management

The Team Management section in Analytics Settings is where you can add, remove, or modify Analytics user permissions.

Managing Analytics Users

Learn more about managing users in Analytics:

Or, checkout information about account info and troubleshooting:

Practice Goals

Manage and update practice goals in the Practice Goals section:

Clinical Hours

One of the most important metrics in Analytics is Production per Hour. In order for Analytics to be able to calculate this number, we need to know how many hours each provider is available to be chair side with patients, also known as, Clinical Hours.

You can set up this information in the Clinical Hours section of Analytics Settings.

Treatment Teams

Most of the time, when a patient accepts treatment, it is because they had positive interactions with a few different people at the practice, leading them to accept the proposed treatment.

Because of this, Analytics has designed the Treatment Teams function! It is intended to show the case acceptance performance of different “teams” of people in the practice working to get patients to accept the treatment they have presented to them.

Check out our guide on setting up Treatment Teams for your practice:

Team Member Access

In addition to setting up user permissions in the Team Management tab, you can also manage permissions by Analytics dashboard/feature in the Team Member Access section of Settings.

Click on each dashboard/feature to view the current user permissions and modify.

Important note: If a user has been set up as an Admin, individual dashboard/feature permissions cannot be set.


The Ticker Bar at the top of the Performance and Collections dashboards is a great way to quickly see key performance indicators and their associated trends. By default, the Ticker includes 13 metrics that can be scrolled through using the sidebar arrows.

You can customize the included metrics by accessing the Dashboards section of Settings and clicking on Ticker Options.

Check out our guide on customizing Ticker Bar metrics:

Call Insight

Call Insight is the perfect tool to keep the front office prepared and professional for incoming phone calls. You can use this tool to have patient information immediately as soon as the call comes in.

If necessary, you can update your practice phone number and carrier information in the Call Insight section of Settings.

Check out our library of Call Insight guides and information here.

Follow Ups

Follow Ups in Analytics manage your patient activity for you and automatically notify the team member you have assigned when you want them to follow up! Use Follow Ups to make sure you never lose track of a patient again.

To customize your Follow Ups settings, click on Follow Ups in the left hand navigation of Analytics Settings, then click on the Auto Follow Up Settings section.

From the Follow Up Settings window, you can modify the qualifiers and rules that trigger Follow Ups. To start, simply click on the Follow Ups category, apply your changes, then click Save.

Learn more about creating and customizing Follow Ups in Analytics:

You can also choose to sync notes made in Follow Ups to your practice management software. To toggle this setting on or off, click on the Push Notes section and ensure that the Follow Up Notes Sync setting is toggled on.


Analytics Payments makes it easy to accept, collect, and manage AR. Ensure that your Payments account banking information, tax information, logo, and more are up to date or modify them at any time when changes are made.

To access Payments settings, click on the Payments section of the left hand side navigation of Analytics Settings.

Click here to view our library of Analytics Payments guides and resources.

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