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Analytics: Setting Your Provider Goals
Analytics: Setting Your Provider Goals

This article will discuss how to set your Provider Goals

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Note: In order to add and edit goals, you will need to have the Settings Permission enabled. If you do not have access to Settings, refer to an admin team member in your practice to activate this for you or complete this process with you!

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to set your provider goals:

In this article, you'll learn:

Add Individual Provider Goals

  1. Access Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Access the Team Management tab

    1. Note: If you do not see the Settings option or the Team Management option, this means you do not have permissions enabled to access these features. Refer to an Admin team member, most likely your Office Manager or Doctor, to add these permissions for you or follow these steps in their personal log in. Here is an article with more information regarding user permissions: Adding User Permissions

  3. Click the User that you want to set goals for

  4. Go to the Goals tab and then select the goal you would like to add. This will allow you to type in and save the desired goal

  5. Follow the steps for each goal you would like to add

Production per Hour

What is the Production per Hour Goal?

Production Per Hour (PPH) allows you to view an average of how much money you produce per hour you work!

Production Goals are calculated in Dental Intelligence based on two simple things:

Production per Hour
โ€‹Clinical Hours

Let's say for example that I work 8 hours usually, and I need my daily goal to be $4500... Below is an example of the calculation that Dental Intelligence makes to determine your goals:

$4500 / 8 = $562.50 per hour

So, with that, I would make my Production per Hour goal $562.50 and then make sure my Scheduled Clinical Hours are set to 8 and Dental Intelligence takes care of the rest!

It is super important that you have all your Clinical Hours correctly entered and your Production Per Hour goal established. If you need assistance adding Clinical Hours, click here.

Production per Visit

How to Calculate a Production Per Visit Goal

Each provider should have a Production Per Visit (PPV) goal. Production Per Visit is the best way to determine the effectiveness of the provider in their efficiency and in getting treatment acceptance.

Production Per Visit is similar to Production Per Hour but calculates the total production divided by the number of completed visits for the selected time frame.

Set Production per Visit Goal

Before you set this goal you will need to find historical information to identify a realistic goal for the provider. Follow the steps below to learn how.

  1. Go to the Provider Pulse

  2. Go to the Production per Visit Metric

  3. Change your time period to a Range of dates / Month / Year for a historical perspective

  4. Look at the Providers and write down what their Production per Visit was for the range of dates that you selected

Based on historical performance we can set goals for each individual. As they consistently beat these goals we can increase them.

In this case it would be a good goal to set the Production per Visit for IS at $800/visit, JO at $500/visit, and SS (hygienist) at $200/visit.

If the providers are doing essentially the same job, seeing the same type of patients it may be a good idea to make their production per visit the same as both should producing at the same rate. In this case we would put them both at $800 production per visit.

Use this data to then enter in the Production Per Visit goal according to the steps listed above!

Increasing Production per Visit

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