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This article includes steps to follow if you are unable to login to your Dental Intelligence account or receive an incorrect password notice

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When experiencing issues logging into Dental Intelligence, the best solution is to follow the Forgot Password process (even if you remember your password!) New user invitations and existing passwords do expire, this is due to HIPAA Compliance guidelines to ensure security when accessing the Dashboard.

If you are receiving an "Incorrect Password" error, you are a new user but the invitation link has expired, or if you have simply forgotten your password, refer to the following steps to gain access to your account.

Restricted Access Error

Step by Step Instructions:

If you receive the "Trying to Login to the Practice with Restricted Access" error message, that means that you are attempting to login into a platform that is not part of your product subscription.

Forgot Password Process

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Dental Intelligence Log In page

  2. Select the Forgot Password button found under the Username and Password fields

  3. Enter in your Email that is attached to your Dental Intelligence account and click Reset

  4. Access your email inbox to open the email that was sent from Dental Intelligence and click the Reset button

  5. Follow the Reset Password prompts

    1. Enter in your New Password

    2. Confirm the password

    3. Click Reset Password

  6. Go back to the Dental Intelligence Log in page

  7. Enter in your Email username and your new password!

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