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Analytics: Adding Your Team

Get the most out of Analytics by adding all of your practice team members as users

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Adding all of your practice team members is an important step in setting up your Analytics module. When adding team members, you can set their role, permissions, office location, and provider ID. When completed, clicking Send Invite will send an emailed invitation to the new user with instructions on how to activate their account.

Watch the short video below to learn more about how to add your team members in Analytics:

Once you have added users, the next step is to enter the Clinical Hours and goals for your Providers. Refer to this article to learn how.

How to Add a User in your Analytics Dashboard

Important note: Creating an Analytics user does not create a user in Engagement. Each Dental Intelligence account is set up independently. To create an Engagement account, click here.

  1. Access your Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Select Team Management from the left side Settings menu. (Note: If Team Management is not an option for you, this means you do not have access and cannot edit settings. Refer to an admin team member to complete the task or grant you the correct privileges)

  3. Click Add Team Member button

  4. Fill in the required fields that follow. Add an email as their username log in (this is important as they will need to have an accessible email to activate and log into their account), then click Next

    Important Note: Each user email needs to be unique to that profile. An email cannot be shared for multiple user profiles / log ins.

  5. Enter in the name of your team member, then click Next

  6. Select the roles the User has in the practice (Hygienist, General Dentist, etc.), then click Next

  7. Add permissions for which features they should have access to (All, Limited, or None). For more information regarding permissions, refer to this article

  8. If there are multiple locations; select which locations you want them added to, then click Next

  9. Attach any necessary Provider ID's to the User if they're a provider in the practice

  10. Lastly, click Send Invite in the bottom right hand corner. An email will be sent to the email address entered that will allow them to create a password. Once they have created a password, they will have access to Dental Intelligence!

Analytics Login Troubleshooting

Email is already associated with an existing user

If you attempt to add a user using an email address that is already associated to an Analytics account, you'll see the message below:

Choose to add them to additional locations, or return to the Team Management dashboard and search for the user by name to edit their account settings.

New user didn't receive Analytics Welcome email

If you added a new Analytics user and they didn't receive a Welcome email from Analytics soon after with information about how to login and create their credentials, please check to ensure that you entered the correct email address.

If you notice that the email address for that user has been entered incorrectly, you must delete the user and start over by adding a new user.

If the email address for that user has been entered correctly, in the Active Users tab within Team Management, scroll down the the bottom of the user list and locate the Pending Account Activation section. Click on the Resend Invite button to resend the user another Welcome email.

Forgot account password

If you have forgotten your Analytics password, simply click on the Forgot Your Password? link on the Analytics login page to receive an email with reset instructions.

Using the di Icon Shortcut

Clicking the di icon in the top left corner of the Dental Intelligence dashboard acts as a shortcut and takes users to certain pages depending on their selected role:

  • Non-Production roles are routed to the Patient Finder

  • Production roles are routed to the the Schedule page

  • If a user has multiple roles selected and are considered both, it will route to the Schedule page

Be sure to add all your team members to Analytics! πŸ˜„ Once your team has been added, the next step is Entering Clinical Hours for each of the providers!

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